Personal Training Education Tip: Become a Personal Performance Coach

I can remember the year my Personal Training Education took a massive leap forward. This was the year I transitioned from a Personal trainer to a Personal Performance coach.  My clients were getting stronger and more fit, but they still weren’t meeting many of their other health and wellness goals. Losing weight, happiness, fulfillment, work/life balance, and stress management were … Read More

The BEST Fitness Equipment For a Personal Trainer and Clients

How a Personal Trainer Can Answer  The “Best Fitness Equipment” Question As a Personal Trainer, we get asked many questions. One of the most common is “What is the best exercise or piece of fitness equipment?” After I resist the strong urge to roll my eyes (or throw up in my mouth), I calmly explain that exercise variety is important, … Read More

Lunge Technique: The #1 Mistake 99% of Trainers Make

Let’s Talk about the Lunge Exercise. The lunge is one of the most common movement patterns out there. In my humble opinion, it is also one of the worst exercises for technique. I’ve always been interested in WHY certain exercises are done in a specific way, and the lunge is at the top of my pet peeve list. Perhaps it’s … Read More

The Easy Way to Teach a Squat

A squat is one of the most common movements we do every day. Humans spend an inordinate amount of time sitting, yet few people sit down or stand up properly. This is the basis of the squat motion. The Easy Way to Teach a Squat Before any load is added, a person must be able to get them selves in … Read More